We create uplifting poetry illustrated with fine art, deliver empowering workshops and organise motivational events to inspire everyday lives.

BlackInkWords was founded by Julieta Timane, an inspirational author and creative entrepreneur currently living in Singapore who is fascinated by words, art and creativity and their incredible impact on our world. In her view, words are particularly powerful, and the words we say, read, think and believe condition our lives.

Meet our Founder

Julieta has a corporate human resources background, but after many years of moving home and living in different countries, she now focuses on living her life more creatively.

Her quest for change and fulfilment and for living a more inspired life has led her to continue her career development but also to explore more personal and spiritual growth, and to enhance her general well-being. She does this through her love of writing and her passion for inspiring others – particularly women who aim to change paths in their lives and to feel more motivated and empowered.

She is a firm believer that “each of us has the power to design our own lives and to live more connected to our ideals, values and aspirations. Personal fulfilment and success – no matter how we define it – can be reached with intention, on our own terms, with commitment, focus, determination … and a lot of poetry!”

Through collaborations with international artists, BlackInkWords creates uplifting poetry illustrated with fine art. It also delivers innovative workshops, which empower and inspire participants to learn how to reconnect with their inner selves through storytelling and simple creative writing exercises. BlackInkWords also organises  motivational events with incredible speakers on lifestyle improvement themes. 

The BlackInkWords Collections are unique displays of inspirational poems. Each piece is complemented with exclusively commissioned art works by remarkable international artists. This beautiful range of products and designs is currently expanding to include wall art, greeting cards, note paper and accessories.

BlackInkWords is committed to empowering disadvantaged children and being a catalyst for bringing positive change in the world. A percentage of all sales is channelled to educational projects for children in developing nations – read more and add your support here.  

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BlackInkWords Inspiring & Empowering Lives

Meet our Creative Partners

Joni-Leigh Doran

The Enchanted Journey Collection was beautifully illustrated with exclusively commissioned fine art by Joni-Leigh Doran.

Laura Bell

The Hearts Collection is beautifully illustrated with photographs by Laura Bell.

Josephine van Dillewijn

Wings on our Events section was beautifully illustrated by Josephine van Dillewijn.


The song Je marchais pieds nus, the soundtrack of the Daring to Live an Inspired Life Youtube video highlights was composed by Cabaliros.