Price of One-On-One Two Hour Online (Skype/Video) Workshop

    242.00 (Including 21% BTW Tax)

    Corporate/Group Workshop prices vary according to location and number of attendees.

    Please email us to organise a private workshop with friends or colleagues at a suitable location/venue of your choice.

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    Thank you for your interest in the Fulfilment Journey Workshop. This is a unique workshop where every topic has been carefully designed to trigger a valuable process of inner reflection, which will set you on the right path as you begin (or continue) your personal development journey. It will truly inspire you to create a positive life story for yourself.

    When your payment has been received we will send you a receipt and an email to schedule your online workshop.

    “During these two hours – one-on-one Skype/video session – I will encourage you to reflect on your life, reconnect with your inner self through writing exercises, and take action towards your goals. After the workshop I will also actively support you for 30 days as a goal achievement partner to make sure you stay focused and committed to your personal quest.”

    Julieta Timane

    We wish you a beautiful life, and we hope to see you soon.